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    Royal Art Center is a Unique artistic center based in KRC, providing the best quality in both artworks and selling arts materials, we always produce the great Quality because our colors are drying very faster and are very expensive, we offer the good quality, very artistic work at affordable price a. THE COMPANY MusArt Gallery is the project of royal art center which is located in k.R.C, Congolese community created in the year of 2016 by Artist Mudadi Saidi known as well Artist Guillain After bringing arts classes at Kakuma Ethiopian Library whereby 15 youth have been trained in a basic level of visual art (skeching, drawing and coloring) but the idea of the project failed because of the lack of materials, we've been supported ourselves, raising awareness will be done through artist training center (education) activity from January to February every year and from November to December when children are in break periods. That's why we're coming with this idea to make our students busy, creatives and orient them through what they've as passion and talent. Also we will be having exhibition process to sell our arts, painting, drawing, printing billboards, t-shirt, baners, teaching programs, and others artistic activities. Royal Art Center has never been registered but we're hoping to get registration at the end of June 2020, our location is Turkana/kenya. We are composed by 3 artists one facilitator and students who are our beneficiaries.



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